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Problems with the visualization of the uploaded files

Question asked by calliope on Aug 18, 2009
Hi everyone.
I am new here. I am looking for a way of uploading documents to a webside and then look for words on those documents with a simple search. Somebody told me that Alfresco could do it so I am trying with the version online.
My problem is that when I upload a file everything is fine, but when I try to see it, the only way is downloading it. If I make a click on the name of my file it sais: The preview could not be loaded from the server. What problem could it be?
Another question I have is : when I write a word in the search site it gives to me a list of documents. I thougth it will return the sentence where the word appeared or something similar. Is that the wat it works or could it be because the server is nos loading the file?

Thank you very much and I hope somebody can help me.