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Pooled actors in wcm workflow

Question asked by gjwilson21 on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by gjwilson21

Currently I am working on workflow definition for WCM. I need to assign to a group based on the contributor(content creator). For eg. if Contributor is from abc_CC group then the task should be assigned to the group abc_CR( and if it is from efg_CC it should go to efg_CR). I am able to get the reviewer group and the list of members using custom Assignment handlers(similar to AlfrescoAssignment). But I am unable to assign the task to a group after finding the group.

Has anyone tried pooled task in wcm workflow?

After googling for pooled task + wcm workflow  found that there is an open issue in JIRA for this
There isn't any comment in this issue. Is this issue invalid or it is still pending?

Please share your thoughts if anyone has worked on pooled task for wcm workflow.