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Why is aspect not applied ?

Question asked by sobotka on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2009 by sobotka
I have the following situation:

I definied a new role "Taster" which is like standard "Consumer" but does not allow to read the content itself:

      <permissionGroup name="Taster" allowFullControl="false" expose="true" >
           <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="ReadProperties"/>
           <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="ReadChildren"/>

Then I have a custom aspect "A" which adds some attributes (let's see only a fragment of it):

      <aspect name="my:A">
            <property name="kmx:keywords">
               <title>Key words</title>
            <property name="cm:title">
            <property name="cm:description">

Now I have a space "S1", where:
- I set a rule to apply the aspect "A" on a content
- I set EVERYONE to be a "Taster" (new role defined above)

Next I have a space "S2" which is a subspace of "S1". There:
- I set EVERYONE to be a "Collaborator"

Now when a user creates a new content within "S2", the aspect "A" is not applied automatically ! (It can be applied manually.)
WHY ??

If I change in "S1" EVERYONE to be a "Consumer", the aspect "A" is applied automatically when a user creates a new content within "S2" !
WHY ??
The difference between Consumer and Taster roles is that Consumer icnludes:
           <includePermissionGroup type="sys:base" permissionGroup="ReadContent"/>
But what has this ReadContent permission to do with aspect application ??

Thanks for any hint.