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Advise: Is this the right tool for Data Management?

Question asked by ckelker on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2009 by jck

I've read and read, and I can't determine if the platform would meet our needs.

We are a not-for-profit which manages medical reference codes.  At the core, we need to model a data content system with an assortment of tables.  As new codes are entered into the system, we need a workflow to manage the internal approval process.  Naturally, we publish our database in a several formats (and without approval internal fields), so need export abilities.

The shortcoming of our platform is the lack of "history/change management".  The system can house everything, but it can't show a lifecycle of a "code" nor handle workflow.

Can someone point me to some details regarding:
    Table/Field management
    Can we workflow a data entity (a single "code", it's x number of literary references, it's associated government forms, etc)
    Reporting Capacities
I get concerned using a packaged solution because of a small business change causing a complicated migration to support something like "we need to now support multiple copyrights instead of one".

Thanks in advance,