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Spaces, Share and Alfresco woes

Question asked by cybertoast on Dec 3, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2009 by cybertoast
I'm confused about how spaces created in the /alfresco repository differ from sites created in /share, and how the two interact with each other. Specifically my problem is that sub-spaces that I create in /alfresco are not visible in /share, and this is causing me problems. (I've read the wiki pages about not creating sites in /alfresco for use in /share, but in my case I actually do need to do something similar, so would like to understand what exactly the problem is!)

I can create a "site" in /share, say called Home. This shows up under the Company Home > Sites space in /alfresco. From /alfresco I can create another space under Sites > Home, like Foo (so Sites > Home > documentLibrary > Foo), and this shows up when I navigate to documentlibrary in /share.

But if I directly create a space in /alfresco (Sites > userhome, for instance), this does NOT show up in /share (going to /share/page/site/userhome/documentlibrary). Site-finder does not find this site either.

So what's going on during creation of a /share site that I need to do manually to create the site in /alfresco and have it be visible in /share?

The reason for this question is to have a simple (and hopefully code-free) way of having user's spaces be autocreated by LDAP and have them visible in the My Sites dashlet in share. My plan is to create all the home folders under /Sites/UserHome/documentLibrary (I can change the authentication-services-context.xml file to set the userHomesFolderProvider's path to ${spaces.company_home.childname}/${spaces.sites.childname}/${spaces.user_homes.childname} or something similar).