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Best practices: Content Model namespace prefix

Question asked by nikes on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by nikes
Hi guys I need suggestion to design content model containing various departments documents.

I am developing a solution for our organization which stores all types of documents from various departments say….

Presales       - Various documents like Proposal, Presentations, Product Knowledge base etc…….
Project        - Various documents like SRS, Purchase order, Master service agreement  etc….
Commercial - Documents like Invoice, Statement Of Work, billing documents, Non disclosure agreement etc…
People         - Documents like Visa, Passport, Certifications, Resume etc……….

As we see from above, there are around 40-50 content types I have to create.

This is what I have done till……

-> Created 1 model file for our organization with namespace org and single type without properties say org:orgDocs
-> Created 4 model files for presales, project, commercial, people and separate model file to define constraints.
-> In each model files people, project etc….. I defined new namespace prefix like people, project, commercial, presales, orgConstraints etc….

Now my question is………

Is it a good idea, in above case to define separate namespace for presales, project, people etc….. or I should use only one namespace org in all model files by importing namespace org?

Which approach will give more flexibility in terms of extending model files and search documents using lucene or APIs etc….