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What is needed to learn and customise SHARE

Question asked by nccfrog on Dec 4, 2009
Hi All,

I am doing a project mainly focusing on team collaboration and Knowledge management. As such, after surfing through the Alfresco wiki, I found that the site-components "wiki" and "document library" most suitable to my project. However, I need to further customize these 2 components in Share and was wondering how to get started in learning Share in depth.

I have filtered down the stuff I need to learn which are:

1) Surf platform
2) YUI

I also have the following questions:
1) w.r.t to the above 2 stuff i need to learn, am I going in the correct direction to understand, customize and modify share?
2) is the Alfresco Developer Guide and Alfresco 3 Enterprise Content Management Implementation books necessary to modify and customise SHARE?
3) are there any guides or documentation that explain Share's components in depth? (I have found one: Master Class Customizing Share - LA 1109. but I do not quite understand or see how the js files are linked)

would appreciate if anyone can direct me to more guides that can help me in learning.