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Accessign spaces in Share

Question asked by gazman on Nov 12, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2011 by mrogers
Hi everyone,
I hope you have patience with me for asking a dumb question, it seems so obvious but the documentation on the internet is not so forthcoming.

I have just installed Alfresco 4 for an evaluation. I have bought a book simply called "alfresco" to try and make sense of all of the descriptions on the internet but I am still stuck.

So I have created a series of spaces, using explorer, lets say

Super space
Super space\Drop Off
Super space\Awaiting approval
Super space\Published

Drop off is where I load documents, awaiting approval is where they go to, Published is where they go when they have been approved.
I have created a series of rules on the space to simply move the document from one place to the other and to the other.

My problem is - How on Earth do I access this from Alfresco share? Is the concept with Share to use folders instead of spaces applying the rules to that? If so it isn't clear?

In Share I only see my site space and that's all. If I want to create any sub sites I have to do it through explorer where it tells me I should do it through share, but I don't see anywhere to create sub spaces in share?

Many thanks to helping solve this now two week problem