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How to add new custom component in share

Question asked by neozone on Dec 4, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2009 by mikeh
I install alfresco-community 3.2 from the canonical ubuntu package / ubuntu 9.04 / tomcat6,

and now I want to add new tab on Alfresco which default it has
Site Dashboard |Wiki |Blog | Document | Library | Links | Discussions | Members | Google

I want to create my own. How to do that?

I didn't see directories such as /usr/share/tomcat6/shared/classes/alfresco/messages   or    /usr/share/tomcat6/shared/classes/alfresco/messages
which in "Installing_and_Configuration_Alfresco_ECM_Community_Edition_32.pdf" said about it

1. Modify the Share configuration files in the <web-extension> directory.
2. Open the following files:
• <web-extension>/web-framework-config-custom.xml.sample
• <web-extension>/custom-slingshot-application-context.xml.sample
• <web-extension>/webscript-framework-config-custom.xml.sample
3. Uncomment any <config> items that you want to enable.
4. Add any <config> items that you want to include.
5. Save the edited files without the .sample extension.