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Where is the alfresco.log file when deploying a WAR only ???

Question asked by nlazouzi on Dec 4, 2009
Hey everyone,
I'm having hell of a time deploying a war to an existing tomcat 6 installation.
I followed the Installation pdf for 3.2r2 to the letter but it's still not working.
The alfresco folder that is created does not contain the alfresco.log    …. where is it ??????????
Also, where would the property files be located ? grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…  :evil:    this is really frustrating..
And…….are the installation steps described in the 3.2r2  correct ??  am i missing anything ?

Also, is it easier to change port 8080 to some other port ? i know it's been planned for future releases since 2.1 or so…..but we are already @ 3.2….. what's the deal ?

Any help would be appreciated.