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Alfresco and Liferay as a war running under one tomcat

Question asked by mandana on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by mandana
Hi There,

I am new to alfresco and we are recently providing a portal and alfresco solution to an enterprise level organization, we will be using ichain accelerator for sso to novell eDirectory.
One of the proposed plans in our architecture is having liferay and alfresco running as a war under one tomcat and proving the sso at tomcat level the os will be suse linux. The database will be mysql and will be running on a different linux server.
I noticed in my machine (windows 2GB memory and dual processor) this combination runs a lot slower than having two tomcats on different ports. I am concerned about performance and also lucene indexing in liferay vs alfresco under one tomcat and I know they have different directories and databases, could this be a real problem? is there any other issue that I am not aware of?
They will be using alfresco as a document management solution a lot more extensive than the portal.