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what is the url for a new page

Question asked by pchoe on Nov 14, 2011
I have created a new page for Web Quick Start.

in the pages folder I have a login.xml file that displays a log in form.  I've created a template and webscript to display a basic username/password input box.

I am using the Finance web quick start as the repository.  I created a login.html page in the root folder for the Editorial folder in the web quick start folder and put in login as the value for Template Mapping metadata.

When I type in http://localhost:8080/wcmqs/login, I am able to see the login form.  But when I try it on a different web quick start server (development server) with, I get a message stating the page is not found.

How should I configure Web Quick Start so that user defined pages are displayed?

Peter Choe