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Replies to topics not displayed in Discussions

Question asked by fusework on Nov 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2012 by patgream
We're experimenting with 4.0.b on CentOS 6 x64.  We used the 'Easy' install route, utilizing the bundled PostgreSQL, Tomcat, Java, etc.  The only modification is that we enabled Multi-Tenancy.

Everything has generally been working well until today.  Without configuration changes or even a server restart, replies to topics in 'Discussions' are not displayed as of today.  When a reply is composed and the 'Create' button is clicked all appears to be well and no errors are displayed or logged.  The usual 'Reply Saved' message is displayed.  The reply count under the topic is increased and 'Last reply by' is updated, but the reply itself seems to vanish.  Replies had previously been working.

Any thoughts as to what I should check?  The behavior is the same if I create a new topic and reply to it, or even if I create a new site, new topic, then reply.  No errors are logged to catalina.out and I've already stopped and restarted Alfresco, rebooted the server and all of the simple stuff.

Thank you for any help.