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How to model DITA files.

Question asked by chungley on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by farphin

I have technical documentation that is in DITA files format.  DITA is XML-based and basically consists of .dita (topic), .ditamap (table of contents), and attachments such as images.  I like to solve the following issues:

1. I want to upload the entire technical documentation which consists of hundreds of of these files.
2. I want to treat the entire technical documentation as a "content type" such that I can attach workflow to it; instead of individual file.
3. During upload, I like to extract data from the .dita file if they are available.  (There will be a number of files that has this data, and each of this file can have up to hundreds of these entries).

For #1/2, what will be your recommendations?  I don't think the default upload will allow me to update all the files, sub-folders and sub-files from a local folder; and so I will have to customized my own upload and I think that I will need to create a special content type for this…  But I don't know if the new content type should be based on folder or doc?

For #3, is it better to do that with aspect or properties?

Thanks for all your help.