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Share Dashboard Doesn't Show Up

Question asked by kurt2439 on Dec 7, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2009 by kurt2439
After creating a user and logging into share with them, the dashboard information does not appear. I can click on the links at the top like "Sites" but the dashboard is not populated with any data. In the alfresco.log I see things like this:

15:23:03,245 ERROR [] A Page Rendering problem was handled
15:23:03,245 ERROR [] Page Id: site/talyab/dashboard
15:23:03,245 ERROR [] java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/spi/ThrowableInformation
15:23:09,618 ERROR [] A Region Rendering problem was handled
15:23:09,619 ERROR [] Template Id: dashboard-3-columns
15:23:09,619 ERROR [] Region Id: header
15:23:09,619 ERROR [] Region Scope Id: global
15:23:09,619 ERROR [] org.alfresco.web.framework.exception.RegionRendererExecutionException: Unable to render region: header

I created another user and it works fine, but just curious if anyone knows the resolution to this – version: Alfresco Labs 3.0.0 Stable 1526