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Where to place dashlet JSP besides webapps/jsp folder?

Question asked by bluearth on Dec 8, 2009

I'm embarking on writing a dashlet for alfresco explorer (the web client) for my company.

The function is straight forward : listing all spaces with certain types of metadata. The metadata is specified in a custom model. It's been done, documents have been tagged, and I have test retrieval using the advance search tool.

Along the way, a bunch of questions arises. Here are some of them :
1. Besides under webapps/jsp/, is there any other place where I can store the dashlet's jsp? I'm confident that placing custom assets in the alfresco webapp folder is not a good practice.
2. What API or taglib available from within a dashlet? I need to do simple stuff like searching the repository for certain document types with certain property, and then simply list it.
3. What is Web Script? I see that some of the built in dashlets are invoking some Web Script URL to do neat ajax stuff. If I don't need anything that fancy, can I avoid webscript? Seems that since I start working with alf, the needs of things to learn exploded suddenly :wink:

Any help/hints will be much appreciated.