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integration of Alfresco DMS and web client

Question asked by lpiccoli on Aug 21, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 3, 2009 by norgan
hi all

i am have been reading the alfresco docs and have and starting to have feel for alfresco integration into an existing application.

the existing j2ee  application requires a Document Management System. The Alfresco DMS looks superb.

Q1. My question is whether my existing application can integrate the Alfresco web client (JSF client … i think) in side my application ear but allow the DMS repository to remain as a separate service?

Essentially i want to run the client GUI inside my j2ee application to make it look 'native' to my application, but run the DMS and repository as a separate application.

Q2. Is there a better way to achieve the integration with a native look and feel?

any help is appreciated