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Bulk content migration

Question asked by tfrith on Nov 17, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2012 by jameela
I need to migrate a large amount of content from one windows Alfresco 3.2r repo to a new ubuntu Alfresco 3.4.5 repo and I'm looking for options/recommendations.  I'm not migrating the entire repository though.

I've read about Open Migrate and the Bulk File System Import Tool (BFSIT) and ACPs.

I think the volume is too large to use an ACP and much of the data has multiple versions - does an ACP include all versions and their meta-data?

Ryan from Zia had a good write up about using Open Migrate to write nodes to the file system in a format that BFSIT can use.  But his source wasn't an Alfresco repo.  Apparently Open Migrate is coming out with an Alfresco source but it's not released yet and I've read that it will not support multiple versions of content.  That would leave me writing my own Alfresco source (or modifying theirs if I can get the code) as well as writing my own target for BFSIT format (unless they have that too coming).

My other thought was to write my own code to export to the file system in BFSIT-compatible format.  As of now this is the option I'm leaning toward.

I'm wondering if anyone else has tried something like this or has ideas/suggestions/tools that could help.