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Manage access based on categories

Question asked by vboshova on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by stevereiner
I am searching for a solution how to retrieve documents based on predefined metadata ( for example categories) and to administer user access based on those metadata, not based on physical spaces/folders as it is supported by alfresco out of the box. Consider for example the business case: I have documents with categories/properties: Contracts, Offers, Tenders. I need to capture all documents with a property Contracts and I want only the people form Business development department having access to them. Similar to the user rights administration, based on physical categorization(spaces and folders), but we need it to be based on virtual, custom views with having document only once saved physically. Is it possible this to be realized with Alfresco or some add on. If, yes, is it out-of-the-box feature or custom development is needed?