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Am getting alf-backstop-*.dmp Files?

Question asked by o.o. on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by dipti

   I am new to Alfresco and have installed it using the stack installer on Windows XP. I start it using alf_start.bat and stop it using alf_stop.bat.

   It seems every time it starts and stops it dumps a file of the form alf-backstop-*.dmp. Is this Ok i.e. is this the normal behavior? If yes then is it possible for me to specify another directory where it can put these dumps?

I am using the Alfresco Community Version 3.2, Java 6 update 16. Please let me know if I have forgotten to provide any more information.

Thanks a lot,

P.S. I am not sure if this Thread/Post should be in the Installation Forum, but since I am new and I did not find a newbie forum – here goes.