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Alfresco Web Editor - login unresponsive

Question asked by chad on Nov 18, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2011 by bremmington
I have a Web Quick Start site up and running and I am just beginning to learn how to customize it to my company's needs.  I am running into one small problem however, and that is with alfresco web editor.  Whenever I browse to a page in the editorial site that has awe startTemplate and endTemplate (like a news article) it comes up with the awe login modal dialog.  When I enter my alfresco admin credentials it says "Logging in" and then goes back to the modal login dialog without logging me in.  Is there a config that I need to set up for a specific user to be able to log in and edit content?  I am confused because it is not giving me any kind of "login unsuccessful" notification, it only returns me to the login dialog.

This is the same behavior as at the http://[hostname]:[port]/awe page, except after a login attempt the url changes to http://[hostname]:[port]/awe/page/type/login?error=true

Any help would be appreciated, any ideas?