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Edit Word Document through URL viaWebdav

Question asked by j_pfeifer_ on Dec 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2010 by stevegreenbaum

i have the following Problem:

I'm implementing an Interface in Java for an internal Tool to the Alfresco Repository, which gives Access to the Alfresco Document Managment System. One of the Requirements to this Interface is a Method that returns a Link to a Document through which it is possible to edit a Document. So far i got it to return the Link to Alfresco Space containing the Document. The User then can click on "Edit Online", but as it turns out the following should be possible:

1. The User clicks on the Link inside the Tool
2. A Microsoft Office Word 2003 Window with the Document opens
3. The User makes changes in the Document
4. The User clicks "Save" and the Document is beeing saved in Alfresco (Versioning should be done automatically)

The "Edit Online" Action in the Alfresco UI works fine, but it is supposed to work without the UI, so that the User doesn't have to see the UI.

The Standard Browser is Internet Explorer.

I found out that behind the "Edit Online" Button is JavaScript that seems to call an ActiveX Object which opens the a WebDav URL inside Microsoft Word. How do I reuse the Code behind this Action for my Purpose? Maybe Someone has a better Idea on how to get this Requirment to work?