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Question asked by hkbui on Dec 9, 2009
Hi everyone,

I've recently taken over to maintain an existing Alfresco server (version 2.1), which already had the FTPS set up.  Since the FTPS server has never been used before, I'm not so sure whether or not the FTPS server has been set up and configured correctly.  Anyway, when I tried to login with multiple different users (through Core FTP LE client), all users logged in just fine.  However, after logged in, the user (regardless of which user) seemed to have a full access of read and write to all folders and files under /alfresco.  It seems to me the LIST and CWD command don't check for permission or groups that set on each user at all.  Anyway, the FTPS is sort of working, but I do want the FTPS server has the control on which user can access on what.  I supect that the code in this Alfresco version might have been set to ignored the filtering for this feature (perhaps, it may cause performance issue if filtering is on ???).  Since I'm very new to Alfresco and this task is urgent, I really appreciate if some one can shred me some light here.

Thank you.