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Action parameters?

Question asked by tonyc on Dec 9, 2009
Hello all…

I've created a bulk loader to process xml files from an uploaded zip file, I have figured out how to import the zip file using the actions root object…

var unzip = actions.create("import");
unzip.parameters.destination = xmlDir;
unzip.parameters.encoding = "utf-8";

I have scoured the net for a resource that could enlighten me on the various parameters you could set for this actions with no luck.

As you can see I figured out the two mandatory parameters of destination and encoding because the logger pointed those out.

Does anyone know of a resource that describes all of the parameters for the import action?  Or even describes the parameters for the default actions such as transform-image, copy-to-web-project, extract-metadata, etc. ?

This would be really helpful and I would appreciate any feedback