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Problem of Samba

Question asked by silverghost on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2009 by dward
I want to authenticate with passthru and LDAP. i have a big problem
i can't understand, if I must set up a samba server on Alfresco server that i can authenticate with passthru against CIFS.

my chain is


i can't understand,if filesystem of Alfresco can do domainMapping  without samba declaration
filesystem.domainMappings= DOMAINS <—– where can i define this domain         from cifs.domain=?????????? or from samba???????????
CIFS.bindto= i can't understand, where I can bind????? 
i read from documents of alfresco, it's said alfresco can apply samba functions without installition of samba server
I am totally confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank u