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Custom Model for Courseware

Question asked by mlarkinmn on Aug 24, 2009
I am trying to use Alfresco as a Content system for creating and maintaining training materials.  It appears that I may need to create a custom content type with the following characteristics:
Design Considerations

Create a custom data model called: Courseware
1.   Would allow for all metadata and categories to be assigned at folder (or space) level and inherited by all docs placed within that folder (space).
a.   Folder or space would be Course Name
2.   Would allow for course categorization as follows:a.   Delivery Method(s) Could be multiple)
b.   Learning Area
c.   Learning Segment(s)  (could be multiple)
3.   Additional Metadata tags as follows:
a.   Sunset Date
b.   Status (changed by a workflow)
i.   Under Development
ii.   Active
iii.   Archived
c.   Go Live Date
d.   Elroy Date
e.   Keywords
4.   Rules and workflows would be applied at folder (space) i.e. course
a.   Ability to add custom action to zip(archive) and move whole course (folder(s)).
b.   Review and approve apply to course not individual items,
c.   Action i.e. move content would apply at course level.
d.   Ability to create tasks at course level.
I have created a space called Course Repository.  Within that space I have spaces for each major group creating courseware.  Within this space I create each course as a space.  This is the level I want to categorize and add metadata and apply rules and workflows that act on all content within this course space.

Is this possible in Alfresco.  Is this a major undertaking (costly) as I believe the market for this type of a system is HUGE.