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Messaging Api?

Question asked by jsauer on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2009 by jsauer
I wonder how one can propagate messages from Java/JavaScript code up to the Share UI?

In the old Web-Explorer there is FacesMessage and FacesContext.addMessage to do this. Up to now it seems that all this messages do not propagate to the Share UI  :cry:

I am currently struggeling with behaviours and it's messaging (see my other posts at the Repository Services forum) and I just get "The copy could not be completed" as an error message but neither the exception information that this is due to a policy bound behaviour neither the message I propagate to the Web-Explorer by means of FacesContext.addMessage.

If I just misssed something, sorry about that, and thanks for hints where to look at.

If there is nothing yet, I would highly suggest that something should be done to address this:
Common messaging API
1. propagate to Web-Explorer
2. propagate to Share
3. Hooks to subscribe messages by other components.

Any comments?