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2 bugs in alfresco 3.2

Question asked by yahoon on Aug 25, 2009
I am running alfresco-community-3.2 on a redhat linux 5 server.
while I am trying to deyploy the WCM functions ,2 important errors found. wondering someone's help.

the first one is that an authorised user can't create content for a web project . as detailly described at

the other is : I can't do  copy-paste a file  from Web Project to non- web project space, such as  a  USER HOME.
the error shows "Unable to paste item due to system error:07250323 Path /www/avm_webapps/ROOT/index.html not found." Even I am using admin account.

is there a solution or a patch supplied?
these 2 functions are very important for my deployment.  I will  very appreciate.