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selecting a 'comment' from search,yields unexpected behavior

Question asked by fjdoyle on Dec 10, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2010 by mikeh
I did not submit this as a JIRA bug, because I'm not a hundred percent sure how it is intended to work.
I have a document library in a site.  In a folder ("TestFolder1" on that document library is a pdf file.  On that file's page, I add a comment "test_comment".
If I search "test_comment", the result list includes "comment-1260481949982_786".  If I click on that, it brings me to a file preview page (such as the one the comment was created on) with the Flash preview showing the text of the comment.  The breadcrumb on top shows:
Location:Documents>TestFolder1>doc.pdf>doc.pdf discussion>Comments (each as folder icons)
If I click on the doc.pdf breadcrumb, I end up in what looks like an empty folder (the folder tree on the left shows the parent "TestFolder1" open, but there is no "doc.pdf" folder in the tree, yet the breadcrumb list still looks like that is where I am.

1.) I would think clicking on a comment in a result list would bring you to the document preview page that comment resided on.
2.) If not, I would at least think it should be easy to get to that point from the pseudo-content preview that is created for the comment.

Is this some oddity peculiar to my installation, or is no one else using comments/selecting them from search results…or did I just miss somebody else's mention of this?