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unique problem with webscript

Question asked by kamal_ravichandran on Aug 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by kamal_ravichandran
HI all,

i have created a inbound rule which "executes a script" when items are imported to a space, the script file contains the following:["sys:node-dbid"] + "_" +;

now what happens is whenever i import a ".txt" file in to the space, "db-id" is appended along with the name,
for example the name changes to "3241_abc.txt" when i import "abc.txt" to the space.

but the problem is when i import ".jpg" or ".doc" in to the space "db-id" is not appended along with the name.
for example when i import "nature.jpg" to the space the name is not changed which is supposed to change like "3255_nature.jpg"

dont know wats the problem…

any help??