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Alfresco Share - problem with joining site

Question asked by vboshova on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by mikeh
I have a problem with access to site via alfresco share.I have a user, which has a role Site consumer for this site ( added via alfresco explorer). When I log in in alfresco share though, I am not able to see the site. I initiate again request for joining site, receive a message: "Success, Request to join site XXX  successfully sent. You will now be returned to your personal dashboard", but there is no request visible in my list of tasks in my dashboard and I am not able to join the site. I repeated this several times with no success, request for joining site doesn't work for  me. Please advice what credential I should give to this user, to be able to see the site in alfresco share. In alfresco explorer everything is fine