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Checkout to Google Docs Issue

Question asked by mikecain on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2011 by mikecain
About a month ago our Alfresco stopped allowing users to Checkout to Google Docs.

Made the relevent changes to the alfresco-global.proerties to use https and not http as per Google changes:

This worked till yesterday about 15:00 GMT and now we can no longer checkout to Google Docs

We are using 3.4D

Relevant Output from tomact stdout<date>.log:
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Unable to get document list entry for resource folder:0B7QQNveDbKhzM2ZjNzU1ODctYjcxMy00N2Q2LTg0ZWItMWYwNTdhYTViZTlk because Token invalid
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Found existing google folder + 0B7QQNveDbKhzM2ZjNzU1ODctYjcxMy00N2Q2LTg0ZWItMWYwNTdhYTViZTlk
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Creating google document (Working Test (Working Copy),application/msword)
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Creating google document with name Working Test (Working Copy)
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Creating media content object for mimetype application/msword
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl]  … input stream has been set
09:42:52,855 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Creating DocumentEntry for mimetype application/msword
09:42:53,152 User:admin DEBUG [repo.googledocs.GoogleDocsServiceImpl] Unable to create google document with name Working Test (Working Copy), because Token invalid

Any advice would be gratefully received