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Asynchronous action blocking upload

Question asked by schipmolder on Nov 24, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2011 by bchevallereau
I've got an asynchronous action that's run when a new file is uploaded (triggered by the OnContentUpdate policy behaviour).
This all works fine when uploading just 1 file; the action gets triggered and completes without issues.

The problem starts when uploading several files at once.

A few files get uploaded but then the upload pauses, the actions for each file are run after which the upload continues.
Unfortunately this action takes about a minute to complete so the upload becomes very slow, quite often it even times out before the second batch is uploaded.

I've been testing this using share (drag-and-drop multiple files) as well as using FTP but these both show the same problem.
When using Share it uploads the first 6 files, pauses and times out (showing 6 failed uploads in the upload panel). I can see the actions continuing and as soon as they've completed the next batch of files get uploaded etc.
When using FTP it doesn't really upload 6 files before pausing but the uploads become very slow and usually time out.

I also have the same issue with a renditionDefinition, but I believe those extend actions so I guess that's the same issue.

Does anyone know why this is happening despite the action being asynchronous and what i can do to let all uploads continue?

I'm using community 4.0b but am not sure if this doesn't happen on other versions as well.