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Very slow Alfresco via VPN

Question asked by al-nando-freesco on Nov 24, 2011
Hello all together,

I have a question. Here is Alfresco 3.4 runnig. The authentification gord over the gateway Astaro Internet Security V7. When I try to use Alfrasco regulary via LAN or W-LAN then it works with almost no delay, but when I try to accesss files via VPN (Astaro VPN Client) the it's ultraslow. It takes around 1 or two minutes to access or copy files. For the authenticatio I'm using LDAP running on a Sasmba server.

I've searched in the forum , but I didn't foud ay helpig articles, so I hope you can help me with my problems. :)
If you need aything from me to get more information about my system, just ask. ;)

Best wishes