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Limit administrator node access

Question asked by rhakaro on Nov 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2011 by rhakaro
Hi there!

I have a very big problem. I need to deny access to some confidential documents to administrator user.
I have read a lot, and the only thing that maybe solves this problem is to configure "permissionDefinitions.xml" file, but I think this is not the key to resolve my problem.

A partial solution is to extend the next webscripts:

- document-actions.js
- documentlist.js
- document-versions.get.html.ftl
- document-versions.get.js
- document-versions.js

To hide options to admin user (using a property or a custom type, it doesn´t matter).

My problem is the next. My alfresco is accesible by Office (VTI) and Lotus Notes, so changing these webscripts don´t solve this situation.

Do I have to modify the get permission Service?
What can I do?

I´m using 3.4 enterprise edition (up to v4 next year).

Thank´s in advance, best regards!