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Error Uploading Folder with Multiple Files @ 4.0b

Question asked by perfectto on Nov 25, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2011 by perfectto
Hi friends…Is it possible to upload a folder with many files at once thru Drag And Drop at the Alfresco 4.0b?

I'm having an error while try to do that!

When I try to do using the WebDAV , it starts, but the task breaks in the middle…or, in other cases, the task is done, but when I go to the Share, I only see the folder, but no the content…It show like the documents are there (7 items) , but nothing is listed…

I'm using the Alfresco 4.0b for MAC, running over MacOS X.6.8 in a  MacMini (dedicated)…Everything seems to run flawlessly except this kind of task…

Thanks in advance!