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Customizing advanced search results

Question asked by eharper on Dec 14, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2009 by eharper
I have a requirement to display custom columns in the search results screen depending on the type of document (customized children of cm:content) searched for.  If no custom document type is selected (or the default "content" is selected) in the search, then I will use the standard search results (which of course contain no properties or aspects from the custom model).  For example, I have a document type "contract" with a "contractNumber" property, and a document type "voucher" with a "voucherNumber" property (among other types and properties).  If I select "contract" as my document type in the search I want to show the "contractNumber" property in the detail search results view (not just the property sheet, which confusingly is accessed by the action titled "View Details").

I have researched this pretty deeply in the forums and wiki pages and have come to the conclusion there are two ways I could accomplish this requirement:
1.  Customize the jsp page (presumably browse.jsp) that returns the search results.  My efforts in this area: creating a custom page, creating custom navigation rules in a faces-config.xml (packaged in a jar), or faces-config-custom.xml direct edits, and putting custom node-type evaluators in web-client-config-custom.xml have not led to results. I am having trouble even getting faces-config.xml custom navigation rules to appear.

2.  Create a custom search dialog with a custom results page showing the custom properties.  I have not yet attempted this, as the examples I have seen (one in the "Dr. Q's Workshop" blog) are not doing advanced search, so I don't understand how advanced search properties are passed to the server (e.g., document type, property values, etc.)

So, to all who have read this far, a few questions:
Are these two options the only way to go about what I want to accomplish?  Are there other ways I'm not aware of?

Any tips, hints, articles I've missed on actually getting custom navigation to work?

Any hints, tips, articles I've missed on how to do a custom advanced search?


Eric Harper