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Migration from IBM Lotus WCM to Alfresco

Question asked by patricklo1966 on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2009 by odagneaux
Hi Experts,

We are considering to migrate from IBM Lotus WCM to Alfresco WCM.
Could anyone tell me how to do so? Is there any tool to help?

If Lotus WCM and Alfresco WCM are both JSR170 compliant, will the migration be straightforward?
What I concern the most is whether Alfresco WCM can re-use the content (or metadata of the content). If not totally re-useable, what sort of things that need to be built in Alfresco and what sort of things that can be reused?

Could anyone share the experience of how they did the WCM migration project from Lotus WCM or other tools please? 

Thx in adv.