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implementation of user-customized nodes

Question asked by rolance on Nov 28, 2011
I am evaluating (but have not implemented) Alfresco for a large project that has the following requirement:

- A large set of public nodes (educational flashcards) that is veiwable by all users.
- The ability for a user to create a *private version* of  any of the public nodes (by hitting an 'edit' and then a 'save' button).
- A private version of a node effectively overrides (replaces) the public one - but only for the user who has created that private version.
- At run time, each user is shown a set of nodes that includes public nodes but any public node for which a user has created a private version is replaced with that user's private version. The blending of the public set with the private set of nodes is to be transparent.

The solution has to be scalable so that it will allow up to 500 users to create their own custom versions  of up to about 10,000 public nodes.

I have been reading the alfresco docs and am learning about aspects, spaces, the built in versioning system, and parent-child node relationships.

For clarity: any one 'public' node could have multiple customized versions created by multiple users. Each user's private version of a node should have it's own internal versioning system if possible, so that a user can track their changes to the content over time and make rollbacks if necessary.

Are there any alfresco users out there who can point me in the right direction, or at least help me rephrase my question in terms of the alfresco concepts of 'node', 'space', 'aspect' and 'version'?

Thanks all.