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can't access site after programatic creation

Question asked by girishb on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2009 by mikeh

I have created a site in my share workspace in a programmatic way. It means that I have created asite object, used JSON and HTTP create site.

After that, when I logged into my share workspace, I can see my newly created site under "My sites" option but if I click on it then nothing is coming. It will stay on the same "My dashboard page". If I do the same exercise manually then it will allow me to go to that specific site and I can do all the activities like invitation etc.

site object parameters:

            shortName ="abc";
            title ="abc" ;
            description ="abc" ;
            sitePreset = "site-dashboard";
            visibility = "PUBLIC";

Can anyone help me to figure out the problem? It's very important for me to nail down this problem before the enterprise edition purchase.

A quicker response is appreciated.