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Community 4.0b - Share search permission bug

Question asked by huima on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2011 by huima
Hi all,

I noticed an interesting bug related to search and permissions in Alfresco community 4.0b. Same thing works in enterprise 3.4.5 just perfectly - so it would be great to have it working in 4 also :-D

How to setup:

1) Log into share as admin

2) create new user demo

3) In share go to the repository view

4) Create new folder test

5) Manage permissions to the folder

6) check that permissions are not inherited

7) add new user demo into folder with any role: Consumer, Editor etc.

8) Add content with name SECRETSANTA to the folder

9) Log out

10) log in with demo

11) search SECRETSANTA in repository

12) Profit!

If you are using 3.4.5 enterprise, then SECRETSANTA is found as it should be.

If you are using 4.0b - it is not found.

Tested on OS X.

If someone could confirm on other platforms, I would appreciate.