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Alfresco 3.2 won't start properly

Question asked by anuvatec on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2009 by _sax
I installed Alfresco 3.2 Community Edition on Ubuntu 9.04 and for some reason it won't start properly. To get it to start somewhat properly I first start it (/opt/Alfresco/ start), then I fire up in Firefox on the server machine itself, log in as admin, click around a bit, then fire up (notice that's a lowercase "A"), log in as admin then click around a bit. If I don't do it in this order ON THE LOCAL MACHINE first, then I can't log in (I get some remote and authentication error message) and I can't access it from other computers on the network and outside the network (Internet).

Any idea why I have to go through all this before Alfresco starts working properly? Any idea how to get it to just work like it's suppose to when I start it (i.e., log in successfully from remote machines)?