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How to extend existing Share activity-list dashlet?

Question asked by pl_componize on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2011 by ddraper
In Community 4.0.a, I'm posting my custom activities in the repo following this:

I have defined my own activity type, with custom bundles and pagelink to display custom needs in the activity dashlet.
But I face an issue, I need to specialize the output based on the activity-type in a similar way of what is done already in activity-list.get.js in the specialize() function.

I can't hack the js cause I'm packaging things in my own amp for Share. Is there a way for me to extend this dashlet, or do I have to write my own?
It's hard for me to believe they provided an API to post a custom activity but yet you can't display it properly in the existing dashlet, so I'm looking for what I've missed here.