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Permissions in alfresco vs share

Question asked by cybertoast on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2010 by tommorris
I don't understand how /share and /alfresco permissions interact. I've got a case where I want to have a admin group be able to have full access to all /share sites. I created a site (SiteA) as a user (userB) in /share. I then go to /alfresco as admin and invite a specific group (groupA) with Site Manager rights to SiteA. groupA has user userA. When I log in as userA I would expect to have Site Manager permissions on SiteA. But when I look at userB's permissions on SiteA, they only have Consumer rights (which they had from before). Since membership and permissions seems to be via an Invite model, does this Site Manager invite have to be accepted by userB first? And if so, how is that managed - i.e., I don't have a pending invite as userB in /share which I can accept.

Basically the question is how to change user's roles on sites through an administrative interface so that the end user does not have to think about it.