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Upgrade 3.4d to 4.0b can't restore data

Question asked by tross on Nov 29, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by nickbsd
I have tried a couple times to upgrade from Alfresco Community 3.4d to Alfresco 4.0b (with patch), as well as a nightly build of Alfresco 4.0c.  I can upgrade to a clean empty 4.0b instance, but when I try to move the 3.4d repository data and database back into place, I can no longer get into /share or /alfresco (404 errors).  I'm hoping that someone may be able to tell me what I'm doing wrong with the data backup and restore procedure.  I am running on Red Hat Linux 5.  I have a separate app server and Mysql database server.

I followed the Wiki page regarding Backup and Restore, but it is not particularly specific. 

To backup I do these steps: 1) Stop Alfresco App and htpd process;  2) Run mysqldump command on Alfresco Database to dump current database to a file (alfresco_bkup.sql); 3) Make a copy of the entire alf_data repository directory structure in a /temp directory;  4) I remove all tables from the Alfresco Mysql database, leaving the database and permissions for the alfresco user in place; 5) I create an empty alf_data directory for the upgrade.

Then I do the upgrade steps.  I can log into 4.0b fine at this point.

To restore I do these steps: 1) Making sure the Alfresco App is stopped, I delete all the tables that were created in the Mysql database during the upgrade.  Then I run the command "mysql –verbose –user=alfresco –password=<pw> alfresco_database < alfresco_bkup.sql";  2) To restore the repository, I delete the entire alf_data directory that was created during the upgrade and copy my backed up copy of the alf_data directory back into place.  3) I start the app, but things are now broken.

I can go into Mysql and see the restored tables and data and I can go to the alf_data directory and see data in contentstore, etc.

Should I be doing my restore differently?  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.