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Alfresco Lucene Schema - Integrating into Solr/Lucene

Question asked by jaybytez on Aug 27, 2009
First, has anyone integrated the Alfresco Lucene Index into an external Lucene instance or a Solr instance?

I am prototyping the usage of Alfresco Document Management and understand it has a Lucene Index within it.

We currently are not using Alfresco for WCM and therefore I have an external Solr/Lucene instance that I am using to index my WCM (published to a file system) and I want to be able to utilize that Solr/Lucene install to federate the index used within Alfresco.

So from what I understand about Solr, is that I need access to the Lucene Schema that Alfresco is using so that I can make sure that Solr is aware of the information indexed by Alfresco.

Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can get started on this?

Thanks…jay blanton