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Rename Imported Files

Question asked by gcancilla on Aug 28, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by codemanat
Hi guys, I am new to this Alfresco but I have used other document management systems in the past.  All of those systems have allowed me to configure them so that when I create a new document or import a document the document filename that was created or imported would be prefixed with a sequential number. 

By way of example:

I have test.doc that I import into my Alfresco site

That document should appear as something like DOC0001-test.doc

Then I have test2.doc that is imported
That document should appear as DOC0002-test2.doc

So each time a document is created or added to the repository it its filename is prefixed with some static thing like "DOC" then the next sequential number and then the original filename.

Can someone tell me how I can do this within Alfresco?  I love the product and if I can figure this out will use it all the time.