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User Roles In WCM

Question asked by anilkumar.sama on Aug 28, 2009

I have created a web project  and assign 5 users to the that project.

My question is:

We have 4 users in WCM

1) Content Manger
2)Content Publisher
3)Content Reviewer
4)Content Contributor

As per my inderstanding

Content Contributor can upload the documents but he can't edit the documents or content updated by other contributor.
Content manager can create a project, configure workflow and approve the content.
Content reviewer can review the contwnt for quality….

What does Content Publisher do…..Does he publish the content….If yes how can he publish the content…

As per my undestanding publishing means deploying…but we can deploy the content only in Staging sand BOX..

Please guide me and differnetiate the above roles…

Thanks in advance,