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Deploying only perticular snapshot using ASR

Question asked by kirit on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2009 by mrogers
In alfresco 3.1, i need to deploy a snapshot by ASR to other server, but i dont want information of the previous snapshot to be deploy.
Lets say i have 3 snapshots; s1(contains content c1,c2), s2(content c3,c4) and s3(content c5,c6) as s3 is latest.
Now, so far we have not deployed any of these snapshots, if we deploy a S3 then all the contents(c1 to c6) will be deployed through ASR to destination server as out of box alfresco deploys upto latest deployed snapshot; but i don't want snapshot s1 and s2 (c1 to c4) to be deployed

How can i achieve this? or if i don't use snapshot facility and without that want to deploy only particular content to other server then what could be suggested approaches?

Is this advisable in terms of feasibility and considering other aspects.

please reply if anybody have any idea or reference for such scenarios.