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3.2r2 - User account destroyed when Cancel an invitation

Question asked by bdgregg on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by bdgregg

We ran into an issue where a site manager invited an already existing (not external) user, then decided to cancel the invite before the invited user did anything.  Seems pretty harmful from this point.

What happened was the invited user's account was deleted from the system, and the account must be in some sort of unstable/limbo condition as we can not re-create the same user.

We were able to reproduce this with a second account.
So now we have 2 accounts that have been "whacked" and can not be re-created.

Does anyone know:
1.) If there is a simple fix for this or is this a bug that we have to wait for the next release?
2.) A way of either clearing the account totally or tweaking the database to allow the account to be re-created?

We're trying to go production on this version but this seems to be a big bug as trying to tell our users to not ever do this is at best hit or miss.

Brian Gregg
University of Pittsburgh.